Get outfitted for bikepacking!

Bikepacking combines light camping and bicycle touring for an experience that frees you from paved roads and opens the door to maximum adventure.

Choosing the right gear is important when bikepacking, and The Lions Cyclery can help. We can help you choose the right bike to take you on your adventures, and the right set of bags to take your gear with you. As an Apidura supplier, we are able to offer one of the best brands in light bikepacking. Their durable and highly functional bags are among the best available on the market now.

Bikepackers often include both gravel and paved roads in their travels, making bike and part selection crucial. Are you traveling mostly on paved roads, with the occasional forest service road? Or will you be grinding gravel for more than 90% of your trip, with some singletrack mixed in? Whatever your heart desires, we can make sure you get the right bike for you.