Full Bicycle Overhaul Labour

Delivery time: Email or call for appointment

Does your bike need some serious love?

A full overhaul is what is needed when we need to take the bike almost down to bare frame and then built it back up and tune it. Includes shifting and brake adjustment, wheel true, bottom bracket overhaul, hub overhaul, freehub body service, headset bearing overhaul, and tire installation (if needed). 

-Full assessment of bicycle

-Strip bike down to frame 

-Adjustment of shifting

-Adjustment of brakes 

-Wheel truing and tension check

-Overhaul all bearings (bottom bracket, hubs, freehub body, and headset) and replace parts as needed

-Bike and drivetrain wipe down 

-Installation of new small parts (i.e. chain, cassette, brake pads, or cables)

-Parts are not included

Needed every 2-4 years depending on usage. 



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